Friday, July 11, 2014

Sisters and the Orange Peel QAL

Happy Summer everyone !

It is late and I am one tired girl... but I had to pop in here and type up a post real quick. 

I'm in the midst of packing and getting ready to head over the mountain to spend some time in Sisters!  It's the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this weekend!  I'm so excited to be able to attend again this year. 

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013

I even entered a quilt this year!  I'll share more with ya, on that, when I return... :) 

So....I always like to have a project to take along on my travels.  Last month the husband and I took a 2 week vacation.  While we were on the road, I crocheted my little heart out.  But, I wanted something Quilty to take this time too... 

When Amber {Gigi's Thimble / Little Bit Biased} posted the other day about the mini orange peel quilt she's making....I couldn't help but get everything together to make one myself!  A little hand applique will be the perfect "take along project" for my trip!

Photo Credit:  Martingale / Photographer Brent Kane

Amber and I are using the Orange Peel pattern from this book:

Photo Credit:  Martingale / Photographer Brent Kane

101 Fabulous Small Quilts!  It's brought to you by Martingale and it IS fabulous!  Such great quilts in this book.  So much inspiration in one place...  Patterns for doll quilts, wall quilts, table runners, lap quilts and lots more. I'm so glad Amber posted about it... 

AND...Amber was doing a little googling on Orange Peel blocks and quilts and came across Jessica's Orange Peel QAL ! And it just started!  How cool is that... So Amber and I decided to join along...  You can find the details to Jessica's QAL, on her blog...HERE...

Amber and I will be posting our Orange Peel quilt along progress on Instagram! I'm jodinelsons and Amber is gigisthimble... The hashtag for the QAL is #orangepeelqal

I decided to use the popular freezer paper method for my orange peels.  Amber is also. In fact she's going to do a little tutorial on her blog in the near future, so be watching.

These are the fabrics I've chosen for my orange peels... I plan on hanging this quilt in my studio. Will be lots of fun! 

Amazon has 101 Fabulous Small Quilts with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime... You can find it HERE... 

Photo Credit:  Martingale / Photographer Brent Kane

{a little more about this "fabulous" book! = Styles range from two-color quilts to totally scrappy quilts. There are some great designs and patterns in this book. And the reviews on Amazon are all 4 stars or more!}

If you join along with us, you must let us know!  We would love to have you quilting along with us... Orange Peel style!  

Happy Sewing and I'm excited to come back and share some pics from Sisters! 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

This Way and That Way with Color Me Happy !

Hi Everyone!
I had to pop in and tell you about my "guest appearance" over at V. and Co. today... Well... I sorta kinda hi-jacked Vanessa's blog and did a little post...

Mostly it's about how much I've enjoyed getting to know Vanessa over the last 7 years... 

But I also shared this!

This Way and That Way (bigger)

Isn't it fun! 

This Way and That Way (bigger)

I did a little math and added some blocks to my THIS WAY AND THAT WAY baby quilt pattern... and I love it!

This Way and That Way Baby Quilt

Vanessa's latest fabric line... COLOR ME HAPPY... is so fun!  It's a little modern with a little vintagey mixed in and just simply fabulous!

V sent me a box of COLOR ME HAPPY fabric and I got to play... This quilt is so fun, easy, and pretty quick to make... 

This Way and That Way (bigger)

Oh!  And this would be the third quilt I've quilted on the Long Arm - by. my. self. !  It's not perfect but it's pretty darn good if I do say so... I did a fun wavey line with leaves to go along with the leaf fabric in V's line... And I think it turned out super cute. 

This Way and That Way (bigger)

If you already have the THIS WAY AND THAT WAY baby quilt pattern and want to make a bigger quilt, you'll have to do the math for the backing and binding... But you will need 38 jelly roll strips (2 1/2" x WOF strips) {instead of 16 for the baby quilt}  And 1 yard of white. {instead of 1/2 yard for the baby quilt}

Instead of making 24 blocks for a baby size quilt, you'll be making 54 blocks for a lap/twin size quilt.  {It finishes at about 48" x 72"} 

This Way and That Way (bigger)

You can find my post at V. and Co.  HERE  and you can find the THIS WAY AND THAT WAY baby quilt pattern in my Craftsy Store as a PDF - HERE  {Sorry no paper patterns at this time, my etsy shop is closed for the summer}..

Happy Sewing! 


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blogger Girls Block of the Month and More....

1... At the beginning of the year, I moved my blog to a new home... it didn't go so well. So a few months later... I moved my blog back to it's old home on blogger.... There have been a lot of weird things happening... like old posts showing up randomly... pictures not showing up... posts not posting... you name it... it's been one thing after another.... Sorry for the mess and Thanks to all who have stuck it out with me. :) 

 2... Life throws you some curve balls once in a while... some bigger than others... I've had a few curve balls this year... nothing huge... but enough of them to kinda throw things off here and there.... 

3... If you didn't notice... I haven't blogged since February... Yeah... February... I can hardly believe it's June already.... 

4... With a curve ball here and there...I got behind... in a lot of things... Quilting Bee's, Block of the Month's, Magazine deadlines... and that's just the Pleasant Home stuff... Ugh...

5... But things have been better and calmer lately... (Did I just say that? shhhh. :) ) and I've been getting caught up...(such a good feeling) 

6... So......... I spent one whole day this week getting caught up on Pleasant Home stuff...  And it felt really good.. Did I already tell you that? :) LOL 

7... I also had to make an "executive decision".... I was super behind on my Blogger Girls Block of the Month and was a bit overwhelmed... I knew there was no way I could get caught up, stay caught up, and have a finished quilt in time... So.... I took the blocks I had finished and I made a Table Runner! And I LOVE it! 

My apologies go to Monique for dropping the ball on this one... and my apologies to you my wonderful readers... for dropping the ball on this one... ;) 

8... You can still follow along with all the other gals who are sewing up Monique's gorgeous pattern... You will find them here: 

Sherri from A Quilting Life -
JoAnne from  A Patriotic Qulter -
Lissa from Moda Lissa ~
Denise from Quilter’s Window ~
Monique from Open Gate Blog ~

9... Oh... I learned a few lessons this year already... (one's I thought I already learned) Ha!
Might have a little something to do with my word for the year.... (balance) :) 

And....10.... Thank You... Really... for hanging in there with me and always being so nice and understanding... and for all your orders and encouragement and comments and emails checking in on me... It's all so awesome! and much appreciated! 

Oh.... P.S... you may not see me around much in the next few months.... I will try and pop in once in a while... but, in the meantime.. have a great summer!!! 


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