Friday, January 1, 1999

PRO Quilting Queen Elna 7300

What brand and model do you have?

elna PRO Quilting Queen 7300

How long have you had it?

About six months

How much does the machine cost?

MSRP is $1299.99

What types of things do you sew?
Quilting. Bags and Totes. Clothing. Apron. Home Dec. {a little bit of everything!}

How much do you sew? How much wear and tear does the machine get?

I sew at least 2 or 3 days a week if not more. Some weeks I'll sew everyday. I keep her clean and well maintained and she hasn't given me any problems yet.

Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my machine! I call her "The Queen or Queen Elna".

What features does your machine have that work well for you?

Scissors built in! {LOVE that}. Built in Needle Threader! {How awesome is that}!? Dual Feed ! {SO amazing}!

Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine?

Two things. 1. the knee lift is too far over to the right for me to use comfortably. My husband put a block of wood on it, to extend it, and then I hit my knee on it constantly. Which would explain why it's that far over. I suppose I just need to get more comfortable using it. Or sit farther to the right. ???

2. I use the Dual Feed feet more often than not. But the Needle position has to be changed each time the machine is turned off and back on again to accommodate the dual feed foot. I wish the machine would automatically set the needle position when the dual feed foot has been engaged. I can't tell you how many seams I've ripped out because of this! So frustrating.

Would I recommend the machine to others? Why?

MOST DEFINITELY. I am super duper pleased with the Queen. She sews like a dream. Free motion quilting is a breeze! The dual feed system makes such a difference when piecing quilts. Her price is right, and so much more!

Do I have a dream machine?

My dream has already come true. ;o)


Ahhhh. I'm still in love with the Queen.
Queen Elna that is.
We have become Bestest Friends Forever!
And I've been meaning to post about this for months.
And just kept putting it off.
And then I saw at the beginning of this month that it was
Sewing Machine Month
over at
Sew Mama Sew
Perfect time to post about my discovery!

Soon after I received the Queen
I got a phone call from my friend Sheri
Sheri says, "Hey jodi, I think we have the same machine!"

I say, "um Sheri dear, you have a Janome, I have an Elna."

Sheri says, "can I come over." I say, "Sure."

Sheri shows up on my front porch with her Janome.
Sheri says, "Where's your sewing machine?" I say, "why upstairs".

So up she goes.

She plops down her machine right next to the Queen,
wisks off her cover and this is what we see...
{I'm thinking to myself, um, yes, my machine is still an Elna and
your machine is still a Janome}

But she starts to point things out to me...

Here is a close up of Queen Elna
Here is a close up of Ms. JanomeThe QueenMs. Janomemmmmm, we say.

The QueenMs. JanomeO.K. this is gettin a little weird

The QueenMs. JanomeThe buttons are a little different But the functions, stitches and such are almost identical

Matching Foot Controls for sure

Matching Knee Lifters too

Obviously I have a manual for Queen Elna
and Sheri has a Manual for Ms. Janome
But the inside of the manual
Almost Identical!
O.K. seriously?
We also started to notice other similarities.

The body, buttons, dials, and more.

We decided we should investigate this a little further.
A quick email to Elna and this is the reply I received;

"The Janome and Elna machines are both manufactured by the same
machine company - our parent company which is the
world's largest machine manufacturer of home sewing machines.
In fact our parent company makes machines for many of the
home sewing machine companies."

The machine's have different stitch packages,
but are otherwise the same machine.

Well Holy Moly!
Did you know this ?
We didn't know this!

We do in fact have the same machines!

And the part we found most interesting?
The price.

The Janome 6600 MSRP is $2499.99

The Elna 7300 MSRP is $1299.99

Sheri LOVES her Janome and I LOVE my Elna
But we thought that if anyone out there was in the market
for a new sewing machine, this little tid bit of info.
Might be interest'n to ya.

{note: Sheri's machine is the 6500. You
can read about the differences between the
6500 and 6600 on the Janome website}

{another note: I am not being compensated for this post,
it's purely information that I would have liked to had
when researching a new sewing machine purchase.
And I wanted to pass the info. along}

...stay tuned tomorrow
for my Sew Mama Sew; Sewing Machine Month
{Question and Answer} post.

The last few days I've been working on
some of the unfinished projects in my project boxes.
It has to do with my Spring Cleaning.

And as I have been sewing away,
I realized yet again
How much I LOVE Queen elna.

Here are some of the things I love about the Queen.

Free Motion Quilting

Dual Feed Feet
with the 1/4" guide
What a dream!
No more post it notes taped to my machine. LOL

The Quilt Table

I've only run out of bobbin thread once!
Being able to see my bobbin thread is heaven...

Built-in Needle Threader
Wow. What a time saver...

ALL these buttons
Mr. Turtle for slower speed
The Hare for faster speed
Automatic Thread Cutter! Way cool.
Up/Down key for the needle
the start/stop key is nice...

It's so true what they say;
having the right tools makes all the difference in the world
I can't believe what a difference Queen elna has made
in my sewing. The 1/4" foot alone, does wonders.
And the dual feed feet are amazing.

Every time I sit down to sew
I smile....


Tricia Anne said...

Good Morning,
Than you so much for posting about your sewing machine and all the pictures to go along with it. I am "looking" for a good sewing machine and your information has been wonderful.
Have a nice weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

McKrola Family said...

I would like a Queen Elna. Start saving... 24.00/1300. The counting begins.

Diane said...

JOdi, I hope you get these 'old' comments... My Bernina (vintage they tell me) is starting to groan when I FMQ so I am researching. DO you still have the queen, are you still happy with it? Thanks!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Such a cute review. I myself have my "Little Elna" (the 2600) and a fancy beast made by Brother that retails for way to much and I hate it. We joke that the UPS driver dropped Little Elna off the back of his truck and it keeps on trucking but the Brother has been given many Spa treatments at the dealer and the only answer they have is a $35 part for every 30 minutes that I sew - can you imagine? Looking to trade it in for another Elna and your review was just up my alley.

Caryne said...

I have a Quilting Queen too, and love, love, love her! I highly recommend this machine-it is a real workhorse, and excellent value for the money. Elna included everything one would need, like a strait stitch plate, a zig-zag you don't have to go buy as an extra accessory. I feel like it was the best purchase I have made machine-wise. I think it is the best kept secret around! Hopefully the word will really get out about this fantastic machine.

LInda said...

I also have a Quilting Queen! It is fabulous. It took me some adjusting to start sewing on it, since I have had my Bernina Artista for years. I now use it only for machine embroidery. Although the Artista is wonderful, my Queen is specific to quilting abd makes my piecing and quilting so much better. I would highly recommend this machine.


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