Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Cleaning and Organizing

Generally I do Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning. Something about the start of those two season's makes me want to get all my ducks in a row and like a little squirrel, store all my nuts away. I think I like the Fall Cleaning the best. Just something about the anticipation of good cooking, baking, reading, t.v. watching, curl up under a quilt, holiday time kinda stuff in a clean house, energizes me.

Summers can be busy. And most of my time is spent outside. Which means, most of the inside is neglected. About the time school starts, I get the bug to weed, prune, spruce, pick up, and put away, Inside! The sugar, salt & pepper, and cinnamon & sugar shakers are filled. The GLAD Containers were the perfect size to organize my seasoning packets. And a new Turntable that is awesome.

I threw away outdated everything. Made a list of the spices & seasonings I was running low on and filled up the spice cabinet.
Cooler weather brings early morning and winter evening hot cocoa and tea. All stocked up, clean and in one place.
I have a small Fire King collection. White Restaurant-ware. I started collecting it when you could find a mug for .25 cents. Now I'm lucky to find one for $1.99 at the goodwill. Usually they're like $5. I haven't picked up a new piece for ages. But we use it almost every day. The "glasses" up on the left are actually light covers for patio lights! They are awesome glasses!
My smoothie makin station. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Magic Bullet. I don't do all that fancy shmazy stuff you see on t.v. But I tell ya, for making smoothies. It's divine! I have one almost every morning. It's all cleaned up and ready to go.
One of my favorite things. I bought a couple of those 3M Command Hooks
A wire basket for the shower, added a couple little washers and wah lah. Within easy reach, always there, and out of sight, under the kitchen sink.

Lunches. It's that time of year again. All stocked up on sandwich baggies. Crumbs have been vacuumed out of the drawer and we're set.
Paper Sacks and Plastic spoons for lunches, right next to the sandwich bag's drawer.
mmmm. Love me a clean and sparkly silverware drawer. When we lived in our little old house in the country. We had mice. Like ALWAYS. They LOVED my silverware drawer. Drove me nuts. My entire silverware drawer got thrown in the dishwasher almost every day. It was a royal pain. I shoulda just left my silverware in the dishwasher. {Now I think of it. LOL. }
Cooking Utensils. Spoons. Spatulas. Tongs. And we love the silicone basting brushes! They're awesome.
One last drawer to tackle. Not sure how this drawer ends up looking like this all the time?
Most of the items are things we don't use on a regular basis. Although I do see some strays in there. I think a trip to the Dollar store for a few drawer organizer thingys is on the list today.

I'm not the only one who's Fall Cleaning. I've been super impressed with Anina and her use of a toothbrush this week!

Now on to other rooms. Yesterday I washed a ton of bedding, linens, and quilts. mmmm. they smell so good, all fresh and clean and ready to snuggle under.


Millie said...

Jodi, your kitchen is so organized and clean. Thanks for all the great tips...I noticed you like the Breakfast Mix too.

Becky said...

How did our ancestors survive without drawer dividers and organizers!?!?! Your kitchen is fab!


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