Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kitchen Baking Center

I'm not really into the whole office in the kitchen thing.
When we bought this home, it had an "office" area in the kitchen. I knew instantly I wouldn't be using it for that. And what I would be using it for?

My Baking Center.Almost everything I need to bake with, is in this cupboard
above the "desk" area.We put 2 shelves underneath the desk area, and I made a curtain hung on a simple tension rod. All my pans, dishes, & bowls I bake with, are here.
The desk drawers house my baking utensils. Such as measuring spoons and cups,
Rolling pins, pastry blender and cookie scoop among a few other items. There is a small pantry next to the Baking Center It has taller shelving areas where I can store large containers of baking supplies. I have been using the Tupperware Modular Mates for Years! I LOVE them. The larger ones hold a good amount of flour and sugar and the smaller ones hold a whole 2 lb. bag of powdered sugar and one of brown sugar. Just enough to bake a few things and refill later.
UPDATE: Soon after I posted about my Baking Center, I ordered some vinyl lettering from Adele. Flour, Sugar, salt, baking soda, etc. They turned out awesome!

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Becky said...

And i thought I was organized in the kitchen! Looks great!


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