Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peach Leather Pie and Pie Crust


I went to visit my neighbor Mrs. J the other day. She served me up a delicious piece of peach pie! For the next week or so, I craved another piece of that peach pie.
I also wanted to learn the fine art of making a crust with shortening. I call it the 'hard' way. Let me explain. Soon after my husband and I got married we attended one of his HUGE family Thanksgiving dinners. I was in charge of bringing a pie. I had never made a pie before. Gravy! I say's to myself. I called my mother in a panic. {Mostly over making the pie crust.} I lived in Nevada. She lived in Oregon. Help I said! She said, "no worries just go buy one of those frozen crusts, they're actually pretty good." So I did. Whew. Disaster averted.Dessert is served at the Thanksgiving table. I'm sitting next to my MIL. A few bites in, she turns to me and say's, "this is a frozen crust, isn't it?" I thought I was going to die a thousand deaths right there. She says, "I'll show you how to make a real crust, it's easy!" Under my breath I say to self, "over my dead body." LOL, & that's when I decided to learn how to make a Pie Crust.

My mom makes one of thee best pie crusts. I call is the "easy" pie crust. So, Many phone calls to mom and a few tries and I was easily making Wax Paper Pie Crust. {not because it tastes like wax paper!} LOL. It's made with Vegetable OIL and it's rolled out between two sheets of Wax Paper. It's a good pie crust and comes together quickly & easily. That is the pie crust I have made for 23 years. Until this week, when I asked Neighbor Mrs. J for her advice and knowledge on making the "hard" pie crust. I went to work makin my own Peach Pie. And let me tell you, it was one delish Peach Pie! A little bit more work then Wax Paper Pie Crust, but worth it. Seriously it was so good, I had a piece with Ice Cream for Breakfast the next morning! You all know you've had a piece of pie with ice cream for breakfast. And if you haven't, you should! There's some basic food groups in there. Fruit. Dairy. Vegetable.

And do you not love this picture down below? I cannot take credit for it. I did take it. That is my Peach Pie and my adorable NEW but OLD metal picnic tin. But I wasn't the first person who thought to take a picture of a pie on an old picnic tin. The FARM CHICKS were! I was at Salvation Army the other day and saw this adorable Green Plaid Picnic Tin. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. It was only $3.00! I was browsing the FARM CHICKS fabulous book, on the day I had made my Peach Pie. And lo and behold I see "my" green plaid picnic tin! I says to hubby, "Look! the FARM CHICKS have my green plaid picnic tin!" Or maybe I have their picnic tin? Whichever way it works, I decided to duplicate their fantastic picture!
Kinda cool. huh. Thanks FARM CHICKS for the inspiration!

* Note: Hubby liked the Peach Pie too. It's much improved from the first Peach Pie I made
20+ years ago. All I'm gonna say is that he loving refers to the first one, as "the peach leather pie". {he ate every last bite of it too} LOL.


Pamela said...

When I saw the picture of the pie on the tin and tablecloth I thought, Ohhh, Jodi is soooo Farms Chicks and then I read the text. Too hit the nail on the head. Very Farm Chicks inspired.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

The pie (and the pictures!) are gorgeous! I love that you were determined to make your own's an art I hope to conquer one day SOON! You've encouraged me! (I LOVE YOUR BLOG. AMEN.)


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