Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank You and Swag Bucks Tips

Thanks to everyone that signed up under me for Swag Bucks! You totally rock! And made my week! Thank Ya, Thank Ya! I said I'd share a few tips on how I earn my Swag Bucks. So here ya go. I started Swag Bucks on August 15th last year. At first I was a bit bummed at the amount of Swag Bucks I was earning. (very little). But the more I used it, the more I started to earn. So don't give up!

I think the total amount of Swag Bucks I've earned is around 500-600 now. And it did take me a couple months before I started earning 1-5 a day. I think the best thing I did, was install the toolbar. Made a HUGE difference.

HERE is a link to the Swag Bucks site and their tips on how to earn em. You'll definitely want to read this.

And if you haven't started to become a Swag Bucks fan, you should! Their 2nd Birthday is coming up {Feb 25th} and there will be some chances to earn some awesome Swag Bucks, prizes and all sorts of stuff. Way fun!
If you are a Swag Bucks fan go to your account, grab your referral link, and post about Swag Bucks on your own blog. Remember you'll receive Swag Bucks from your friends! Any questions, feel free to ask in my comments and I'll do my best to answer them. ooxx`jodi

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Becky said...

Have I done this yet? No clue so I'm gonna check that today!


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