Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink and Brown Baby Quilt

Although this wasn't on my 2010 Project List. And although I was tempted to put it on just so I could cross something off! LOL. I refrained. You may have noticed I haven't posted for almost 2 weeks! That may be a record for me.

1. I've been in a BIG Blogging Funk.
2. I took a turn for the worse and haven't been feeling so hot. {which is partly the reason behind the Blogging Funk}.
3. I really wanted to send a few things to the hubby's Family Reunion Auction and it's just around the corner! So on my good days, I opted to work on a quilt rather then blog
I am happy to report that the only piece of fabric I bought for this project was the way cute flannel backing. Everything else came from my scraps and stash. In fact almost all the squares were left overs from the fabric packs I sold in my Etsy store last year. Yeah for me!These photos are {Pre-Washed} photos. So, I'm off to give this cute little thing some wrinkly, crinkly, goodness. And hopefully my next post won't be 2 weeks away.

P.S. I've temporarily disabled the comments on my blog. Getting your comments is the highlight of my blog posts. But, I just feel way to obligated to respond and just don't have the energy right now. So Sorry. I will be posting these pics on flickr. So if you visit me over @ flickr, feel free to live me some flickr love! ;o)

Pleasant Home ON FLICKR

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Bill 'n Kork said...

Dang cute !! All of them. You have been busy.


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