Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road Trip Part 2

We left Idaho this morning under sunny blue skies
Next thing I knew (because I was asleep and hubby was driving)
We were in Utah
We took a little detour and headed over to take a couple photos of the homes my Great Grandparents lived in

(1st photo taken in the 1940's, 2nd photo taken today)

And a stop at the Cemetery. Which my hubby always loves. (can you see me rolling my eyes?)
I don't think in all the cemeteries I've visited have I ever saw a black crow sitting on a headstone! I had to take the photo. Kinda Cemetery-ish, don't ya think.
We're settled in for the night and look forward to our adventures next week. Night. Night.


Andy said...

welcome to utah! I have to say that it's pretty incredible that those houses are still standing. How cool to have an old photo to compare with a new one.

Thimbleanna said...

Yay Utah!!! Have a wonderful time Jodi!

Needled Mom said...

My hubby always loves visiting old cemeteries too. That raven would have sent me running!!!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

See you today!

Carol said...

Love the raven photograph.

Our two oldest live in Utah. We are hoping to see them some time in August :)

Becky said...

As always - fab pictures!

The sky is soooooo blue! Must be all that clean living in Utah.

Did seeing the black crow give you the heebie jeebies??!?


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