Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Trip Part 5

Of course we had to pay a visit to this place
Well I probably shouldn't say "we" but, he did tag along with me to the cemetery the other day...And I did enjoy some of the decor in the store

We spent some time in this... ick. in 105 degree weather.
But later in the evening we were able to spend some time with our friends here...
I'd never in my whole life attended or watched any sort of racing event...
Hubby's best buddy from Middle School was racing. {he's 54X in the yellow}

It was a blast! See all those peoples with yellow shirts on in the audience? That's us! A bunch of family and friends!He came in SECOND! Way cool. It was a great night and ended with some simply awesome fireworks
Tomorrow we head back up north. I'm anxious to get back into cooler but still sunny weather.


Nedra said...

Would you believe I've never been to the races? Driven past them many a time, but that is as close as I'll probably ever get.
It looks like you are having a wonderful time on your vacation.
This is not the time of year to come to Las Vegas or Southern Utah!
The other 9 months are beautiful, but summer months we stay indoors.

Magoo said...

well you can't very well pass up Outdoor world?! i'm not a fisher/hunter person, but i love their stores. and i am a red neck, so i gotta say, any racing that isn't NASCAR is awesome. i especially love demolition derbeys....which is how a good 'ole boy regular circle track race ends up :)

thanks again for bringing us along!

Lori Holt said...

Hi Jodi...
you know if Mr. Honey was there he would be in Outdoor World too!

Becky said...

Oh I do hope you bought that Moose head for meeeeeeee! ;-)

I'm not surprised that you have never been to a race. Heck, most people haven't.

I was lucky to grow up with in hollerin distance of the (now historic) North Wilkesboro Speedway. Daddy used to take us to see the greats - Junior Johnson, Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Benny Parsons and many more.

My tummy thanks you for no aerial shots this time - heehee!

Continued Safe journey!

gnee said...

Your trip has had just a little bit of everything and I'm enjoying the ride! Love the two quilt stores in South Jordan...wishing I could make a fast trip there. Travel safe and happy 4th!

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