Friday, January 1, 2010

Large Ironing Board Tutorial

I ({heart} my Ironing "board" on my cutting table / work station. So did all of you.
So here's the low down on how I made it.
Workstatioin/Cutting Table
Start with a piece of board. {whatever size you choose}.

I used plywood from my husband's shop. Do NOT use press board. It smells nasty when it get's hot from the iron. {all that glue and such}.

Get ya some Insul-Bright. You can find it HERE if you need some.

And a piece of fabric a bit larger then your board. (a scrap piece of pine is used in the following photos for ease in photographing only)

You can use tacks and a hammer like I did. Or staples work good too.

Lay your fabric down wrong side up.
Lay the Insul-bright on top of the fabric, then your board.

Trim your insul-bright so that it just folds over the sides of the board, not all the way around to the back of the board. [this piece in the photo, needs to be trimmed].

Wrap the fabric around the board and either use tacks or staples to hold in place. Like the photo below.

Easy Peasy - Quick and Easy! You've got your own Ironing Board!
My Cutting Table / Work Station is about 3'x6'. We went by the width of the cubbies first, then decided how long I wanted it. There is a brace in the middle, because it's pretty long and I needed stability.

The Ironing Board is about 2'x3'. (just a little shy of each). It's a good size for me.

My friend Lori has a similar Cutting Table / Work Station and she has her entire top as an Ironing Board. It's way cool. When she needs to cut, she just sets her cutting mat on top.

I used a small piece of wood for this "How To", I think I'm gonna keep it and set it by my sewing machine. ;o)


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