Thursday, September 30, 2010

Square Foot Gardening

When we lived at our old house, we had a huge garden. Then we moved into a neighborhood.

I had to get creative in my planting.

Most years I've just planted my garden in between my plants and shrubs in the yard. And everything usually does pretty darn well.

This year I decided to have actual space dedicated for a gardening area. Thus the Square Foot Garden was born.

I planted Tomatoes, Carrots, Peas, Beans, Kale, Onions, Peppers, and Zucchini

Square Foot Garden

We didn't have a whole lot of warm sunshine this summer, but despite that fact, the garden actually grew.

I took the space next to the Square Foot Garden and planted Potatoes and Cucumbers. Next year I'll do another Raised Bed there.

Still not a whole lot of sunny days, but it was still growing.

And it grew and grew and grew.

We had a few days of sunshine. Enough for things to start blooming and really take off.

The peas were delish and one of my most favorite things to eat fresh out of the garden.

All and all the garden did pretty darn good. Especially for the lack of sun and warm weather this year. The cooler temps and rain came and many things just started to rot. Kinda a bummer. But I was able to go out the other night and gather a few vegies.

Here is the last harvest from the garden. I had more then one Kale plant, so I cut this one to stick in a vase. It's so purty.
Last of the Garden
I also love eating the little tomatoes right off the vine. mmmm.. And the carrots went into last nights dinner.

There is nothin like fresh fruits and vegies from your own back yard. It's hard to believe that I planted it 5 months ago! It seems like yesterday.

I look forward to Square Foot Gardening next year!


Suzan said...

Gorgeous garden...and I have mentioned how much I like the "new" look of your blog? Super!!

wyndesnow said...

My square foot garden did not do well this year. We had a lot of rain in the spring and then scorching hot days in the summer. Now that the weather has become nice, the tomatoes are starting to blossom again, justin in time for frost!

Tina said...

fun to see the progress shots of everything growing! Yum!

Wilma NC said...

Good way to grow a garden. We had a big garden, but it was soooo hot that things didn't do as well as normal. Did get a lot of tomatoes though. The corn did not do well at all.

Shannon said...

Wow that is wonderful. I think that is what I need to do next spring. Thank you for the idea.

Petit Design Co. said...

we did square foot gardening last year. This year we did Mittleider method. Both very good and productive. YUM!

Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

How nice to see it all grow during the summer.
There´s nothing better than tomatoes from your own garden!

Anina said...

Wow Jodi! That is impressive. I love having fresh veggies and herbs from the garden. Didn't have time this year though.

Lori Holt said...

Your garden looks beautiful and I agree that it's so satisfying to cook from what you grew makes everything taste better!

Patty said...

Okay, share everything! I so want a vegtable garden that looks like that. What type of soil, fertilizer, seeds or seedlings, watering...My husband just put in some raised bed but the harvest was less than spectacular. Please share...Patty

Busy As Can Be said...

We did square foot too! And I love it. Nice way to have a garden in a small yard!

Becky said...

Your garden is/was beautiful!!!

Mine was miserable this year - dang deer got past every barrier and chomped on everything but the Rosemary. In a few days we are gonna build a real fence so next year I can get more than 10 roma tomatoes!

a little bit biased said...

I can tell you live in the Northwest! :) Everything is so green. Makes me miss it a little!

Hideaway Girl said...

Wow! Your garden is absolutely beautiful...I am so inspired! We used to have a nice space for a veggie garden, then it turned into a swingset/play area for our kids. I am thinking about converting an area on the sunny side of our house (next year). Thanks for sharing!


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