Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Method for sewing a Wonky Style Block

So here is the quilt that started it all. My 2008 Scrappy Quilt. I chose to do a Wonky Block and I put this quilt in my top 5 fav's.

Scrappy 2008 Quilt

This style of Wonky-ness is just as easy as the Patchwork Style Scrap Quilt. I organize and prep the same way, except I use up the strips of fabric in my scraps for this one, instead of random sized pieces.

Scrappy 2008 Quilt

I've started a new Wonky Quilt so that I can get another baby quilt crossed off the list. I'm going to use fewer colors in this quilt. Here are my center pieces. I'll be using the browns, blues, reds and greens in this print.

Inspiration for Wonky Blocks

Here are the first two blocks for the new Wonky baby quilt. Aren't they purdy. ALL SCRAPS.

Wonky Blocks

Here's the 2008 quilt top. I used just about every color I had. Except browns. There's only a couple and they're a dark brown. I also tried to get an even amount of black in the quilt as a whole, to tie it all together a bit better.

Scrappy Quilt

The difference between the Patchwork style block and this wonky block is the size of fabric scraps you use. You're going to want to use your strips of fabric for this. I would suggest anywhere from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" wide and varying in length. You can use your shorter strips for the first go around the center piece. Then you'll need longer and longer strips, as you go around and around.

Close up of Wonky Blocks

The trick is to have the same fabric go around all four sides.

Close up of Wonky Blocks

I didn't get a photo of one of the blocks. But if I ran out of a long piece when I was going around for the last time, I would grab two smaller pieces ( of the same fabric) sew them together and then sew it to the block. (so there would be a seam in the middle of a long piece) But when it's wonky like this and it's all quilted up. No one will notice. Promise.

Close up of Wonky Blocks

This quilt can be lots of fun to make and I think the results are spectacular every time! Tomorrow I'll share some photos of Wonky Quilts that I've had bookmarked for Inspiration. There are some fabulous ones out there.

O.K. I wanna see a Wonky style block from everyone! Upload your photo to the flickr group and show us your Wonky-ness!


Lovie said...

Never done a Wonky Block. Great way to use up strips/scraps from other projects. Please keep these ideals coming.

Lee said...

I did not know these "wonky" blocks were from scraps. ok - new quilter here. I am going to give this a try! Thanks!

maritza said...

Te visito en este blog porque vĂ­ que ya no continuas con el otro. Muy bonitos proyectos. Un beso

Ursula said...

I love your 2008 Wonky Quilt. That's the one I'm going to make for me and hubbie. It's time for us to have a new quilt.
Thank you for posting your Sew Scraps Along/ I'm loving it.

A Girl said...

Thanks for all your inspiration. I have been working on my scrap quilt all weekend. It is almost ready to share.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful quilt.

Anina said...

Cool! My problem is that most of my scraps are pretty short, so I'm having trouble once I get to the outside layers of the blocks. I wonder if it will look weird in I piece them into longer strips before I use them.

PunkiePie said...

Well. I am just going to have to dig into my scrap baskets and make a couple of blocks. Maybe by this weekend I will have a few wonky blocks to show off. Thanks for the idea, Jodi!

Allie said...

I love making wonky blocks! Yours is super cute!
I've got one sitting here waiting to be quilted. I love seeing all your scrappy goodness. :0)

Quilting Krazy said...

Gotta try a Wonky Quilt! love the look!

Teresa said...

Oh Jodi!
That WONKY quilt makes my HEART sing!
Love it!
Love it!
That's the HAPPIEST quilt I've ever seen!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Oh what a fun quilt, I love your wonky blocks! Thanks for sharing how to make these wonderful wonky blocks.

Have you also found www.WeAllSew.com and all the great projects and tutorials shared over there?

Melanie said...

What I have never understood with these blocks is, am I sewing a wonky seam or are the strips already uneven?


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