Monday, July 11, 2011

Pleasant Home on Etsy Re-Opens

My little shop on Etsy has been sadly neglected and on an extended vacation. I never intended to be gone this long.

I have missed putting together fabric packs {I love hunting for different designers and manufacturers of fabric and putting "charm squares" together in what I call Fabric Packs}.

Like this one....

This Fabric Pack has SOLD OUT.... Thanks so much everyone... More to come...
summer fabric pack

And looky what I made with some of it.... A fun summery pillow for my front porch rocking chair...
Summery Pillow
{super easy and really quick. I even put a red binding around it to look like piping, way cute if you ask me}

I was totally inspired by this wonderful table runner that Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew made: I LOVE the colors, the design.... Everything about it...
And when I came across these fabrics... {aren't they just perfect for this project!?!}
Summery Fabric Pack
They were just the inspiration I needed to kick start Pleasant Home on Etsy again. So today is the unofficial - official Re-Opening of my Etsy Shop.

Oh and I also have some really cute kits in the shop now! I'll be sharing a little about those this week too. Along with a New Pattern! So fun. {yep.... I've been a busy little bee lately}

And the item I get the most emails about since my shop has been on vacay? SQUARE IT UP TEMPLATES . I had some big plans for those templates and someone threw me a little curve ball, so I had to temporarily put them on hold... They aren't in the shop yet, but they are coming. Really. And when they are in, I will surely let ya know!

Oh and P.S.
Thanks Allison for sharing your amazing talents with everyone! As you can see, you continually inspire me...


Vintage Station said...

Love the quilt bright and cheery! My Etsy is sadly neglected also so instead I have my daughter's linked on my site! There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Das Quiltmonster said...

Wonderful wonderful fabrics and colours!!! And thanks for your links to other blogs, it's really inspiring to have a look!!

Nedra said...

Waaayyy cute. Looking forward to seeing the new pattern you've created.

Kelly O. said...

Yay! great fabrics!
I'm emailing you soon about your package ;)

Teresa said...

That fabric is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
And that pillow...omgee~zee!
LOVE it!
LOVE your style!
Congrats on the shop opening...I will pop over!!!!
Happy Day from Bainbridge!

Cheryl said...

Love the beautiful pops of color on your pillow. So pretty and summery.
I also like the binding on the pillow.

Cheryl said...

would you be able to share how you put the binding on your pillow? Is it the same way we do a quilt? I want to make some quilted pillow shams that are bound, but am baffled about the binding since it's a pillow.

Kathy said...

You have impeccable taste for putting together colors and patterns!! Your pillow is just gorgeous! Do you have a tutorial/template? Congrats on your re-opening!

notes of sincerity said...

Oh how cute Jodi!! :o)
You did a beautiful job on your pillow. It looks so cheerful on your rocking chair!! :o)
I sadly missed one of the charm packs I was interested in (shucks).
I hope you are doing well. :o)
I am soo happy to see you blogging again!
I love Cluck Cluck Sew also! I just purchase a pattern from her shop and can hardly wait to start!!
Sincerely, Trish

Lorie said...

Love the colors!! And hope you enjoyed your extended time away!

linda said...

beautiful fabrics ..............wish you were selling international :((


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