Thursday, August 18, 2011

in my garden...

Can you believe that we've actually had enough sunshine lately, that I've had to do this -

And that my garden is growing {finally}!

And I've been able to enjoy some pretty flowers like this -

And this -

My favorite way to eat these is fresh from the garden, just like this -

And these were delish!

But I think the most fun has been watching #2's little apple tree grow and have apples this year!

He came home from High School a few years back (4 maybe?) with just a little twig...

And soon we'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labors... {#2 grafted it & mom has taken care of it} :)

How is your garden doing? Do you have sun? Are you enjoying the last days of summer?


Nicky said...

We'e been enjoying plums, plum cherries, mulberries and blackberries - yum. So much nicer to eat your own though we do have to compete with the animals, birds and insects!

Cass @ That Old House said...

The last days of summer are often the most beautiful and most productive in the garden, too.

My poppies are LONG gone -- around here they bloom in late April and then wither away.

You are making me miss the apple trees that my Dad had in our backyard when we were kids. They fed the squirrels very well, but were such fun to watch.

Lovely post!

Anna said...

Pretty pictures. Unfortunately, down here in south Texas, it's HOT, we've had triple digit weather for more days than I can remember. So most of our grass is dead, we're on watering restrictions and there are not many flowers blooming. We do have some farmer's markets popping up but it's sorta hot to attend want to attend them. But thanks for showing that it's not like this everywhere!

Pamela said...

Nothing is better than your own fruit trees. Apples, peach and cherry are my favoite. Are those Granny Smith? Makes me crave carmel apples.

Cfrosty said...

Oh, your lawn and veggies look so refreshing. Another southern Texas resident and this drought it so bad. Who would of thought mosquitos would be bad even with no rain. Our dog won't even stay outside very long.

Quiet Quilter said...

So glad to see there are things still blooming and growing green out there....Another Texas hot spot here....

Judy said...

Please share your secrets to growing apples. We bought 2 apple trees 6 years ago and to this day still have not been able to eat a one. We pruned them in February but I know we need to prune even more. The trees had a ton of fruit on them but slowly they are all rotting or falling off the trees. The leaves are also starting to curl up. When and what do you spray your apples with if you do? If you don't how are you getting your apples to stay on the tree. Love your blow, subscribe through the RSS feed.

notes of sincerity said...

Hi Jodi. :o)
Your garden and yard are gorgeous.
How I miss that soft grass under
my feet where none of the ants bite.
It has been so hot and dry down here
in the south, that our garden tanked.
We have been enjoying sweet basil
which is on our porch in pots, and
recently made jelly from our crabapple
tree. :o) Your apples look fabulous!!
What yummy meals you must be having!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely, Trish

regan said...

Can that poppy be any more gorgeous!?! I just love them!

Gwendolyn said...

My flowers have suffered a bit this year from the hot summer. It seems no matter how often I watered them they just died off. Your's are lovely! How great that you have an apple tree! I have one, but crab apples... not so great. But lovely blooms in the spring.

Lynda said...

We don't have a garden anymore...just raspberries. But we do enjoy those. Your yard and garden are gorgeous!

corners of my life said...

You are right there is no better way to eat peas than fresh from the garden. {Second choice - split pea soup.}

Rae Ann said...

Beautiful flowers and garden Jodi! I have no garden this year... the deer eat it all! We just purchased a doberman and the deer are finally gone... so next year we will try again. :)
Our summer has been a very pleasant one... only one day in the 100's. Very unusual for us... but I sure have loved it!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

It's been slow growing here too. I'm hoping for just one ripe tomato! Plenty of beans, peas, cukes, carrots, onions.


Quiltingranny said...

Lets keep praying our son will continue to shine in the Northwest. I have 1 strawberry thus far, but every child in the neighborhood has been watchinig it. Those peas look delish. Please stop by and visit for a chance to win a handmade Blessing bracelet:

Tabby Tiger said...

Gosh! I love your garden. Its so refreshingly looking. I hope my garden will be like that next season. I got a lot of work to do with it.

Doll Houses said...

Your garden is just gorgeous! hope your tomatoes will ripe and be so delicious that you will make a garden update only on them!


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