Sunday, November 6, 2011

field trip....The Yankee Trader....Part 2

I forgot to show you my treasures yesterday that I brought home from Yankee Trader!

But first let's finish our Field Trip.

Part 2.... The Red Rubber Boots that the shop has become famous for... In fact you can see a photo of our front porch with my own red rubber boots totally inspired by the Yankee Trader
The Yankee Trader

Directly over the front counter you'll see this... As you can see, every display is a work of art...
The Yankee Trader

Thinking I should get one of these next year for the grand baby.... {tee hee} But I'm thinking I need a red one. Don't you?
The Yankee Trader

I took some photos this time around of things I {LOVE} / Inspiration for our home. Like this one! We have tons of old soft balls hanging out in the garage. Now I just need to find something cool to put them in...
The Yankee Trader

I also have a few birds nests that have fallen out of our trees. Love the idea of the nest on a glass pedestal...
The Yankee Trader

And these I just adored...
The Yankee Trader

I wonder how many children wore these? If they were passed down from one sibling to the next?
The Yankee Trader

{LOVE} this as much as the Softballs above. Thinking I'll have to keep my eye open for some of these...
The Yankee Trader

Vintage Iron anyone?
The Yankee Trader

I just loved this sign...
The Yankee Trader

And one of my most favorite areas of the shop.... I've taken photos of it each time I visit. In fact you can see a couple photos HERE and HERE...
The Yankee Trader

But there was one item that I never posted about... the RESTAURANT sign. Do you not love it?
The Yankee Trader
And did you notice I said "was". Uh huh... It's now living in MY kitchen! And it looks absolutely perfect!

I bought another somethin, somethin too, but I didn't get a picture yet. I will. And I'll post about it soon.

Hope you're all having a GREAT WEEKEND! ooxx`jodi


regan said...

The restaurant sign is great! I also liked the 'free pups' wooden sign. And the red boots on the porch with the license plates are so fun! I have some sad irons; we use them as door stops in the bedrooms. I have visited your area (the falls and Beacon Rock) on most of our trips to Seattle (my folks still live there), so on my next visit, we are heading for the Yankee Trader! Can't wait!

Thanks for always having such beautiful pics.....they are so inspiring!

Carol said...

I love looking at paces like that. The American Beauty wagon is cool too.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

What a fun place!
I dream of having a red and white vintage kitchen someday. I already have a 50's table similar to the one in the picture. :-)
And that restaurant sign is fantastic!


happy little cottage said...

Oooh I LOVE that restaurant sign! Bet it looks great in your kitchen. That tricycle is pretty cute too. What a fun shop!!

Gumbo Lily said...

What a fun, fun place! I've been collecting barely-used baby shoes for my granddaughter, but I can see it would be fun to grab a few to decorate with too. Wouldn't it be fun to use a pair to decorate the tree for "baby's first Christmas?" I have two grandgirls who are celebrating their first Christmas this year! Red shoes tied with bows??

Love the restaurant sign. It would be great in a kitchen!


Becky said...

What a fun place - as I've said before when you featured it! Don't know how you resisted getting that restaurant sign before! Eagerly awaiting a pic of it in your kitchen!

Becky said...

How fun! I really like the restaurant sign and all the red they use there!

lindsey said...

Great photo's...I would really like to visit those places!

Janet Kan said...

beautiful pictures! Can I know what camera did you use for those photos? Did you take the pictures?


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