Thursday, August 15, 2013

Double Hourglass Block Tutorial

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while... You may remember that at one time I was selling a Double Hourglass quilt ruler/template.   

A while ago, I discovered that another quilt ruler in my collection would produce the same results as the ruler I was making and selling. {nothing like re-inventing the wheel, ehy?}

The Companion Angle designed by Darlene Zimmerman for (Wrights) EZ rulers... Works like a charm and has perfect results! 

Here is how I make my Double Hourglass blocks now... 

Sew a 2 1/2" solid strip (white) to a 2 1/2" print strip. (strips are 2 1/2" x WOF) 
Press towards the print. 

Lay the Companion Angle on the strip piece with the flat nose top of the ruler at the top of the print piece. Using the marked lines on the ruler to keep it straight and line up the bottom. 

Double Hourglass

Make your first cut.  Then flip the ruler upside down, lining up the left side to the cut you just made... and make your second cut on the right. Continue doing this with your pieced
strip and ruler. 

Double Hourglass

Layout your block like this:  (you'll need two triangles with the print on the tip and two with the print on the bottom of the triangle) 

Double Hourglass

Matching seams and pinning, sew two triangles together, then sew the other set of two. Press and sew the two sets together. I like to press these seams open. 

Double Hourglass

And tah dah!  You have an awesome 8" Double Hourglass block! 
Double Hourglass

Here is a Table Runner I made in 2010 with the Double Hourglass ruler/template. This can be easily and quickly sewn with the Companion Angle

Patriotic Double Hourglass Table Runner

If you'd like to see the original tutorial for this Table Runner... Click HERE 

Patriotic Double Hourglass Table Runner

If you need a Companion Angle. I found them on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime... It's free shipping! 

Patriotic Double Hourglass Table Runner

Happy Sewing!  ooxx`jodi


Nicky said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Looks like a quick make with a jelly roll or two!

Patchwork and Play said...

I love these pinwheels! My 'to-do' list has just grown again! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

DianeM said...

Thanks for the great info! I love your tablerunner and am imagining it done in Fall or Halloween fabrics :)
Smiles, DianeM

Michelle Jensen said...

OH Cute!! I love this runner. I made a quilt like this once and it was really fun! Great ruler :)

Millie said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I love pinwheels quilts. Very cute table runner.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the tutorial I happen to have that ruler. I look forward to using it to make that block :)

Becky said...

You make it all look so stinkin easy!

Karen said...

Great tutorial, this is one I want to try. After discovering your blog, I am on a stash busting whirlwind to move some fabric out of my stash!
Love your blog.

Lee D said...

I've got the ruler already. One day I'll get around to making this adorable runner.

Abby said...

I love this runner - every runner you throw up on the hutch I think I need to have! Adding to my ever going to do list!

kittyj said...

Saw this post and went out and bought the ruler so I could make this cute table runner. It is so nice to have a use for each of the rulers we buy. Less guilt, maybe???? :) I just love your Blog and look forward to reading it every day.

Emma Watson said...

All of these quilts are looking so adorable thanks for the sharing.

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