Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last Vacation Post...And a little Announcement..

This is my last Vacation Post... I promise! :)   It's been kinda fun for me... revisiting our vacation... I'll be sad to see it end again... LOL 

So first my little Announcement! I've been keeping a secret... sort of... I'm on Instagram! Some of you know... You found me... LOL  

I've been using Instagram since October as a way to document my Photo A Day Journal.
 {I've kept a Photo A Day journal almost every year since 2006} 

I've kept myself Private and was going to limit my followers to just family and close friends...

But then I attended Quilt Market. And after meeting up with some of my friends, long time blogging friends, and new acquaintances... I caved under the pressure and decided to join the crowd! {I hear my mom saying: if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?} LOL

Just kidding!  I realized how fun Instagram was with more friends following along. And I realized how much more connected I could be with my far away blogging and quilting friends. And I also love ALL the inspiration there is... like... EVERY DAY! 

So the details::::  

I'm still private and will remain that way for now.  I like to see who's wanting to follow me. {and to be honest... accept or reject}... Seriously... I've had a couple strange follow requests... You can find me with the profile name:  JODINELSONS

And maybe this is weird... But I have a hard time accepting a follow request from someone else that is private, has no profile photo, and I have no idea who they are... So if you're on IG and you request to follow me... And I don't accept... You probably fall under the "private, no profile photo, don't know who you are" category... send me a email and introduce yourself... Sorry... baby steps... 

I thought I'd share a few Instagram pics from our vacation!  I tried to document each day with one of these collage's. {they're done using a app called InstaCollage} until we didn't have any service our last week... 

Day 1
Early morning drive over the Mountain...Covered bridge at Sisters Park...Home Away from Home for the next 3 weeks...And Dinner at Bronco Billy's in Sisters... 

Day 2
Shopping at the Stitchin Post...A Nap and a Good Book in one of my favorite spots in the trailer... Fabric for a Quilt... And a drive to Three Creeks Lake... 

Day 3
Beautiful day for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! ... A little EPP... One of my favorite quilts on display at the show... A walk to check out the Five Pines Lodge and these adorable cabins... 

Another Beautiful Day in Sisters! A Lecture on Modern Quilting @ the gorgeous Five Pines Conference Center - given by Elizabeth and Alissa.... Beautiful quilts hanging in among the forest... 

Day 4
Lecture on Modern Quilting... Beautiful Quilts... And a Movie! 

Day 5
Suttle Lake 

Day 6
Camp Sherman, Flash Back, Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

Day 7
Errand and Wash Day... Public Library for some much needed Internet...Mexican Food for lunch... Grocery Shopping... {and laundry too}... 

Day 8
Home Away from Home

July 19, 2013
Confession:  Purple is my least favorite color. So when there was a mix up and I received "Happy Mail" but in the wrong color way - I did not know what I was going to do.. 
Then today I made another visit to the Stitchin Post and found some awesome fabric by Valorie Wells... And I'm actually excited to sew with the mix up fabric now! 
{mix up is in upper left corner of the pic below}

Day 9
More Fabric {my bad}.... Antique Shopping.. and our view this weekend... 

Day 10
We had visitors !  Son #1, Daughter-in-Law, and grand-daughter...
At the Car Show... Pancakes for Breakfast...Playin in the River and watchin movies with Papa.. Good Day! 

There ya are!  Our Vacation via Instagram!  So... if you've lasted through all my posts about our vacation... I have a little reward for ya!  Next post I'll be hosting a little Give Away... Just a few things I picked up in Sisters that I thought 1 lucky winner might like! 

See ya soon! 

P.S. all pics in this post were taken with my phone and posted on Instagram


Deborah said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your summer vacation via photos. Such a treat!

Donna said...

Fun post ...thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Go back and grab that Station Wagon!!!! I wants!

Thanks again for sharing your vacation with us. We never go anywhere - wah...

If I was on InstaGram I'd follow you. Don't friend the weirdoes. Oh crap - too late ;)

KMSC said...

I had to laugh -- my favorite color is PURPLE! I love the color combo with the Valori Wells fabric. I'll be interested to see what you make with the fabrics. Thanks for the vacation pix. I'm sooo sorry I missed the quilt show this year.

michelle said...

Oh...that was a great post--love all the pics!! I am out in Bend and Sisters each July for the quilt show and some serious shopping along the way--so those pics look awfully familiar! Looks like you had a terrific vacation. :) I am glad you are on instagram...I am too and will go look you up in a few minutes!! hehehehe...I love your blog because I find it so following your instagram is just a natural step! Looking forward to seeing you on there!!!
michelle h

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How do you like traveling with your RV? We've been looking at them, but not sure we would use it enough to warrant a purchase. I'd like to follow you on instagram. I'm a newbie with it, as my daughter put it on for me when she was traveling in Australia.

The Bashful Nest said...

Loved your vacation photos! Just beautiful quilts, I have a small collection of them but I have never been able to quilt myself. Hope you have a great week.

Come visit me,

p.s. there are lots of photos on my blog, I promise I'm not too creepy just a little nerdy😀

midnight hysteria said...

tickled my funny bone: the canoe used as window box with oars ... awesome ... love your blog and have read for years ... your work is wonderful .... darlene

lindsey said...

Your vacation photos are wonderful thanks for sharing and I would like to follow you on IG :)

Colleen said...

So enjoyed your vacation pics! I remember when you bought the trailer and redecorated! I just got back yesterday from 31 days traveling with my parents in their 5th wheel! You inspired me to make a quilt for my self and one for my parents to use in the camper. Welcome to instagram! I love it because I can post there as well as flickr,fb,and twitter simultaneously! I took pictures with my ipad so I could easily post when we had usable wifi. Lots followed my vacation with me. I hope to follow you too.

Darlene said...

I've enjoyed all your vacation pictures and so glad you took me along. :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

Looks like it was fun. Hooking up with the kids and grands is always extra nice too.


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