Saturday, November 2, 2013

AccuQuilt Go Baby ! and the Hunter Star Block

In January of 2011 AccuQuilt sent me one of their GO! baby Cutter's to try out.  

It came with two dies.  A hexagon and a circle.  I've used both a lot! 

So I was completely thrilled when I received their newest collection of dies a couple weeks ago! They're called the Stash Buster dies and I think they're going to be a hit! 

I have always wanted to make a quilt in the Hunter Star pattern. In fact several years ago, I bought a pattern and fabric.  It sat in my closet for like forever... I was a little intimated by the pattern I think, and I wasn't hopelessly in love with my fabric choices either... Eventually it all made it's way to the donation pile and has been long gone for a while now. 

So... when I opened the box of dies and saw a Hunter Star die... I did a little happy dance! 

You can use this die on either the regular size GO! Cutter or the GO! baby Cutter.  When you combine four blocks it creates the Hunter Star in a 12" finished block.  The die was created to create one 12" complete block in two passes.  It's pretty cool! 

I decided to start with a Table Runner to see how it went. And it went really well!  So much in fact, I made a trip to the fabric store and bought enough fabric to make a whole quilt!  

It's such a classic pattern. Timeless and a great two color quilt.  Can you believe I don't have a red and white quilt! Not one... So I'm super excited to make this one. 

I backed it and bound it with a super cute red and white snowflake print from Henry Glass fabrics. 

The Table Runner was super easy. Oh!  I forgot to mention how awesome this block sews together!  Seriously.  The way the pieces are cut... it just goes together perfectly and super fast too!  

I've also thought about a different color/fabric combination and I'm hoping I'll have some time this winter to try it out. I'll let you know when I do...and how it goes!  

I think I'm even more in love with my GO! baby !! And I'm excited to try the other dies. I'll share some more project with ya, when I do! 

photo of GO! baby courtesy of

 Happy Sewing!  ooxx`jodi


Deborah said...

Wow. This is stunning. Red and white quilts are a favorite!

Carrie P. said...

So very pretty.

Renea said...

Very pretty quilt. I have been thinking about getting a Go Baby. Do all the dies fit the Go Baby or do you have to buy a special size? Thanks for your help.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh another die to add to my wish list. Thanks for sharing!!!

Ranch Wife said...

I've been wanting to make a Hunter's Star Quilt for years, but like you, I was intimidated by it. I have a Go and some points so I may have to order this die. Are there partial seams in the construction? Your runner is lovely in red and white!

Abby said...

This is so cute - are you selling the runner? I've thought about buying one of these machines - worth it? Do you really use it enough? LOVE the red and white!


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