Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Basket of Marigolds and Rose Garden 2 NEW Patterns

I am super excited to FINALLY share with you, two new patterns!  {the quilts were finished this past summer/fall!} 

It has taken me forever as in FOR.EV.ER. to photograph and write the patterns... {sigh}

But finally they are done!

Introducing A Basket of Marigolds 

and.... Rose Garden !

These two quilts are definitely in my top 5 favs of my own designs.... I LOVE everything about them.  I really tried to capture a vintage feel with these two vintage patterns and using today's fabrics with a new way of sewing them, I think I did just that! 

They're sewn using Triangles On A Roll papers.... 

I was totally skeptical at first.  I'm not a big "tear away papers" fan. BUT... I am completely and totally in love with Triangles On A Roll... And I'm not just saying that. {just so you know...Triangles On A Roll isn't payin me to tell you so} 

I used a lot of half square triangles to make these two quilts.  The Half Square Triangles On A Roll papers make sewing them so easy! And the result is pure perfection!  And to be truthful?  I would much rather tear off a few papers then trim up a bajillion half square triangles! {seriously} 

These quilts were super fun to make and so quick and easy!  From start to finish I almost made the Basket of Marigolds quilt in one day. Yay! 

The other great thing?  I made both quilts with ONE roll of Triangles On A Roll and still had a ton of paper left over. Enough to make a third quilt and more! Great bang for your buck - for sure! 

Oh!  And did you notice the quilting?  The fabulous Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting, quilted these up for me. As always she did a fabulous job, and I think the patterns we chose were perfect for these quilts. 

A Basket of Marigolds was quilted with a Orange Peel pattern.  {do you love the yellow ticking backing!? a score on the flat fold clearance table at my local fabric/craft store}

Rose Garden was quilted with the Feathered Garden pattern: 

The PDF's are now available in my Craftsy Pattern Store. HERE

Note: My Etsy Shop is temporarily closed but will re-open the beginning to mid February. The paper patterns will be available when my Etsy Shop re-opens. 

You can purchase Triangles On A Roll from the Triangles On A Roll peoples themselves at www.trianglesonaroll.com  or click HERE

I've put together a little photo tutorial on how to use the Triangles On A Roll papers with my new patterns.  I'll share that soon!  {I'm leavin the guys to fend for themselves and headed out of town for a few days} So... when I return - I'll post the tutorial for ya. And if you have any questions about the patterns, I'll answer them when I return next week. :) 

The quilts both finish at 50" x 50".   Instructions include both the scrappy version of leaves I made and yardage requirements if you choose to make the leaves all the same color/pattern/fabric. 

K... I'm off to pack and get ready for my trip!  I'll be sure to blog about it when I return... 

Happy Sewing !!! 


Kelly O. said...

These are fabulous Jod! seriously love them! I think my favourite is the rose one but I love the colours in the marigold one... perhaps I should make a yellow rose one :)

Tina Craig said...

So pretty! Your assortment of greens really provide that garden feeling. Yes, I love the yellow ticking. I just learned about triangles on a roll yesterday. I've used Thangles, which are similar. I'm totally with you on pulling paper vs. trimming.

Nedra said...

Wonderful Jodi! I would like to make Marigolds right away. thanks so much for the great Shout Out's too!

marcella said...

Pretty quilts! I actually hate paper piecing. Makes me absolutely crazy to sew though that paper and then rip it off. But, I LOVE triangles on a roll. Cannot explain that one, but love them and have lots of sizes. They're awesome.

Helen said...

Beautiful! Love the crisp clean look of both. I don't mind the whole paper pulling thing. That is what a comfy night--watching a good show is for especially when you get the family in on it! Right?

KMSC said...

I love your new patterns! They are so cheery and fresh; perfect for spring.

Becky said...

Jodi! I love 'em! You may make me a quilt maker sooner rather than later.

Have a great trip!

Christine S said...

These patterns are so pretty!

Amber Johnson said...

Yes, yes and yes. Love the quilting, love the designs and I love your colors. I especially love Basket of Marigolds! Great job and congrats on finishing!

Can't wait to finally meet you in person Jodi! This weekend will be so fun! See you soon!



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