Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! and my WORD for 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone !!!  I am still in shock that we are already in 2014.... Seriously... How did that happen?  

Do you have a "word" for the year?  I am excited to share my "word" for 2014 with you!  I've never picked a "word" for the year before... But I think it's kinda cool!  

My friend Karen over at My Yellow Farmhouse chose "JOY" for her word.  She bought the "Find Joy In The Journey" necklace from Origami Owl so she would have a little reminder every time she wears it. 

What a great idea! She totally Inspired me!  I had already picked out my "word" for the new year... And I totally lucked out that Origami Owl had an InspirationTag with my word on it! 

The Word I've chosen for the new year is BALANCE... I've been striving to find a good balance in my life... Taking care of the things that need to be taken care of.... but also doing things I love to do. {the wants...}


I got a fortune earlier in 2013 that read; "This year your highest priority will be your family."   Have you ever gotten a fortune that kinda knocked you off your seat? I had been struggling with the needs and wants thing... I needed to do this.... but I really wanted to do that.... and I suppose being a little selfish too.  


So I taped the fortune to my computer screen. {I'm not a post it note all over the computer type of girl... so the only thing on or around my computer screen - is that fortune} ... a gentle reminder of what really needed to be most important last year.


Funny thing... when I took care of my family first and the other things that "needed" to be done... The "wants" sorta just fell into place... It was amazing how much time I had to fulfill some goals and plans. 


I could see the blessings for sure!  And I finally felt like perhaps I was getting a little grip on BALANCE.  So I decided that 2014 would be the year I had a official "word" and BALANCE would be my word. I really want to keep working on it.  The improvements I made last year were awesome... So I hope to make even more improvement in 2014... 


And how perfect to have a necklace to wear with that little reminder! So excited! :) 


I'd love to know what your "word" for 2014 is... if you have one... 


And wouldn't it be fun to have a Tag on a necklace with your word!  I hope if you want a Tag that Origami Owl has your word!  


My wish for you is a super fantastic New Year!  Thanks so much for stopping by my little ol' blog and for all your uberly wonderful comments! I may not always reply, but I read them all and I love them! 


If you'd like to see if Origami Owl has your word... Go HERE....{look for Inspiration Tags, and Accent Tags}

If you want to order a "word" Inspiration Tag and chain to wear it on... this LINK will work to.  When you order it is shipped directly to you! 

Again... Happy New Year!  I'm so looking forward to 2014 and all the possibilities!  I'll be seeing you around... 

Happy Sewing !!!!  ooxx`jodi


Carla said...

I'm also declaring a word for 2014 just as i did last year (finish). I found it really helpful in keeping focused. My word for this new year is Priority. I'd love to have a necklace so am going to look now!

Bennett and Graves said...

This is my third year of choosing a word of the year. For 2014 it is Progress. Used as both a noun and a verb. I'm moving forward!

Nita said...

I chose my word for the year, too (PLAY). My word for the past several years has been balance :) I blogged about it just today: Happy New Year to you!

Ellyn said...

this will be my fourth year having a word. My word for 2014 is Grace, more fully recognizing the grace I receive and freely offering that grace to others. Love your word too

Karen said...

Love the word Jodi - and I think it's a great one to strive for. I think when we pick a word it helps us to try and keep that promise to ourselves front and center. You already know my word lol.

Hugs - karen

Kathy E. said...

We are great minds thinking alike, Jodi! After much thought I narrowed down my word to 2 choices last week: JOY or BALANCE. Yesterday, I chose the latter thinking that this word would make more of an impact on others I love, along with my own well-being.

The last two years I chose CHANGE, then BELIEVE. Now I need to do some Origami Owl shopping!

Abby said...

Couldn't everyone use a little more balance! Great pick. I love the charm - and love what you said about putting family first and everything else will fall into place. Words of wisdom I will take to heart this year. thanks for the post - I needed this one!

Nedra said...

Great word for 2014. How interesting that your fortune (from a cookie?) said to take care of your family. That can apply to your family history work too!
Happy New Year, Jodi!

Becky said...

I resolved many years ago not to make resolutions at New Year's. IF I chose a Word of the Year it would be "Do." Seeking the balance is good too. Things change when the kids leave the nest so I'm as balanced as I can be in that respect but I need to "do" more - sewing, stitching, reading, learning.

Shelley said...

i,too, pick a word for the year. Last year's word was looked me in the face all year on my blog but the last, very last, thing i had in my life last year was Balance.


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