Simple Ideas How To Organize A “Green” shopping list for Healthy Cleaning Products

The idea of the eco-friendly style of living is an inspiration for many people. The main question is how to choose natural washing products without making a compromise with the quality of the final result.

The major trick is to be careful with the labels and the fine prints. Look at the ingredient list and do not ignore the chemicals, which definitely are known as noxious and detrimental ones.

Photo by © Nick Pateman

It would be a wise decision to avoid the following substances in the home products, which may cause asthma, reproductive defects and disrupt the endocrine system:






Glycol Ethers


Petroleum distillates


If you prefer the simple things in life you can make a special shopping list for them.

But is it really possible to maintain the household in a healthy way and to live in harmony with nature?

If you have the mental energy and a little bit of time, the answer would be positive. Imagine that the home kitchen is a laboratory for homemaking cleaning products. Your cleaning adventures and successful household combinations can be tackled with so easy, pleasant and well-known substitutions:

-baking soda

-washing soda


-lemon juice


-olive oil

For example, a great all-purpose cleaner should be a mixture between a part of white vinegar, part water, lemon rind, some drops of essential oil. You can shake them and infuse for several days and the well-smelling magic against the stains would be ready.

Enjoyable green adventures!